Wednesday, December 7


Director: Louis Leterrier


Review: Crassly unfunny from the start with dull action and deeply unlikeable characters.

Watch it if: You find dick and ass jokes beyond hilarious regardless of how laboured they are.

And if you liked: The Interview, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass 2

The Edge of Seventeen

Director: Kelly Fremon Craig


Review: Doesn't change the world but delivers a fair amount of sweetness and sincerity with a compelling lead performance.

Watch it if: You have a soft spot for honest teen movies.

And if you liked: Mean Girls, The DUFF, Easy A

Monday, November 21

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Director: David Yates


Review: A few nice ideas buried in a lot of meaningless spectacle mired particularly by a charisma-free central performance.

Watch it if: You need to devour anything Harry Potter related.

And if you liked: Doctor Strange, Oz the Great and Powerful

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Saturday, November 19


Director: Ari Sandel


Review: A little raw in its sincerity but still delivers plenty of fun without falling into common traps.

Watch it if: You have an affinity for the high-school teen genre.

And if you liked: Sixteen Candles, Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You

Check this out: The DUFF

Wednesday, November 16


Director: Denis Villeneuve


Review: Skirts a line between emotional subtlety and big ideas that could turn many off but for me, managed to tell a soulful story with grace and flair.

Watch it if: You like fairly heady science-fiction.

And if you liked: Another Earth, Transcendence, Interstellar

Check this out: Story of Your Life

Saturday, November 5

Doctor Strange

Director: Scott Derrickson


Review: Never fully engages as hard as it could but dazzles visually with some fun new ideas and approaches.

Watch it if: You're into the Marvel movies?

And if you liked: Inception, Iron Man, Thor

Sunday, October 30

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Director: Panos Cosmatos


Review: Delivers a lot of audio-visual flair and a few interesting ideas but not entirely sure what it wants to be.

Watch it if: You're ok with something that is very style heavy.

And if you liked: Stranger Things, Pi, THX 1138

Saturday, October 29

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Director: Scott Glosserman


Review: Despite keeping it light and funny for most of its running time still manages to bring up the tension in its final act.

Watch it if: You like seeing deconstructions of the slasher genre.

And if you liked: Scream, The Cabin in the Woods, The Blair Witch Project

The Battery

Director: Jeremy Gardner


Review: Really gets to what these kinds of films should be doing with a genuine relationship at its centre and good use of music.

Watch it if: You want a zombie movie that brings it back to basics.

And if you liked: They Look Like People, The Walking Dead, Easy Rider

Friday, October 28

Cannibal Holocaust

Director: Ruggero Deodato


Review: Heavy and tough to watch with convincing special effects and some extremely effective scenes.

Watch it if: You can deal with a few sickening scenes of genuine animal abuse.

And if you liked: Zombie Flesh Eaters, Deliverance, The Blair Witch Project