Sunday, November 30

Zack & Miri Make A Porno

Director: Kevin Smith


Review: Very funny if somewhat vile movie that gets a bit corny towards the end but manages to send it home.

Go see it if: You're not offended by anything at all. Seriously.

And if you liked: Superbad, Kevin Smith's previous films...

Saturday, November 29


Director: Clark Gregg


Review: Plenty of good stuff, especially from the actors, but the film's too messy and fractured to get a proper sense of the characters.

Go see it if: You want a few laughs and some ideas, I think this film is probably better suited for television though, there I said it.

And if you liked: Fight Club, Em...

Check this out: Choke

Vanishing Point

Director: Richard C. Sarafian


Review: Really surreal and enjoyable rebel adventure.

Rent it if: You can handle a film that has little plot but is still fun.

And if you liked: Faster, Pussycat!! Kill! Kill!, Death Proof

Thursday, November 20


Director: John Waters


Review: An enjoyable bit of crossover weirdness with a good message at its core.

Rent it if: You can handle most life events being book ended with dancing.

And if you liked: Hairspray (2007), Little Shop of Horrors

Sunday, November 16

Quantum of Solace

Director: Marc Forster


Review: A fairly enjoyable string of action sequences that drags towards the end.

Go see it if: You're not too tired, there's a lot of action.

And if you liked: Casino Royale, I've been told the Bourne series but I must admit I haven't seen them.