Sunday, January 19

12 Years a Slave

Director: Steve McQueen


Review: Perfectly pitched and well paced with beautiful imagery and an exceptionally strong central performance.

Watch it if: You can handle some very harrowing scenes of cruelty.

And if you liked: There Will Be Blood, A Serious Man, Atonement, Cry Freedom

Check this out: Twelve Years a Slave

Saturday, January 18

The Wolf of Wall Street

Director: Martin Scorsese


Review: An engaging, energetically performed and put together film that never drags despite being far too long.

Watch it if: You can handle a lot of drug use and nudity in a film.

And if you liked: The Departed, Spring Breakers, Wall Street

Check this out: Jordan Belfort


Director: Alexander Payne


Review: A little too long but moves along nicely with plenty of humour and a lovely denouement.

Watch it if: You're ok with a slower moving film.

And if you liked: About Schmidt, The Straight Story, This Must Be the Place

Sunday, January 12

American Hustle

Director: David O. Russell


Review: Quite messy by design and suffering from a few odd choices but holds together fairly well largely due to its strong performing cast.

Watch it if: You can handle a film that takes a while and some meandering to get where it's going.

And if you liked: American Gangster, The Fighter, Mean Streets

Check this out: Abscam

Saturday, January 11

They Live

Director: John Carpenter


Review: Pretty solidly put together with a fun premise and great straight-forward action.

Watch it if: You enjoy a particular type of blunt 80s filmmaking.

And if you liked: A Scanner Darkly, Day of the Dead, The World's End, The Matrix

Check this out: Eight O'Clock in the Morning

Tuesday, January 7

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Director: Phil Lord and Chris Miller


Review: Filled with laughs and charm with some great timing and really funny voice performances.

Watch it if: You're ok with a large amount of silliness.

And if you liked: The Incredibles, 21 Jump Street, Monsters Inc.

Check this out: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs