Thursday, February 25

The Crazies

Director: George A. Romero


Review: Strangely paced but nicely paranoid and clearly very angry towards the military.

Rent it if: You liked Romero's Dead films and want to see some more.

And if you liked: Dawn of the Dead, The Happening, 28 Days Later

Friday, February 19

The Wolfman (2010)

Director: Joe Johnston


Review: Takes itself far too seriously considering how stupid and inane it is.

Go see it if: You're stupid like me.

And if you liked: Drag Me to Hell, The Evil Dead

Check this out: The Wolf Man

Thursday, February 18


Director: Hayao Miyazaki


Review: Very charming and adorable movie full of lovely little details.

Go see it if: You can handle seeing a "kids" film.

And if you liked: Spirited Away, The Little Mermaid, Labyrinth

Tuesday, February 16

Easy Rider

Director: Dennis Hopper


Review: Nicely slow paced with a decent message and good soundtrack.

Rent it if: You've somehow never seen it like me.

And if you liked: Vanishing Point, Dazed & Confused

Saturday, February 13

Sexy Beast

Director: Jonathan Glazer


Review: Beautifully crafted and unbelievably tense.

Rent it if: You're ok with Ben Kingsley haunting you while you sleep.

And if you liked: Irreversible, Bronson, Inglourious Basterds

Thursday, February 11

Damien: Omen II

Director: Don Taylor


Review: A decent enough continuation of the first film even though it loses some of the tension.

Rent it if: You don't mind it not being completely original.

And if you liked: The Omen, The Birds, Final Destination

Monday, February 8

24 Hour Party People

Director: Michael Winterbottom


Review: Lulls you in carefully and fascinates without ever over-indulging.

Rent it if: You either do or don't like Joy Division and/or the Happy Mondays. Whichever

And if you liked: Dead Man's Shoes, Control, Trainspotting

The Princess and the Frog

Director: Ron Clements & Joe Musker


Review: Very frantic and full of cliché but gets the job done mostly.

Go see it if: You're into the Disney thing.

And if you liked: The old 2D Disney films. Really, they're a certain thing to themselves.

Saturday, February 6

It's Complicated

Director: Nancy Meyers


Review: Mildly funny at parts but mostly is very predictable and uninteresting.

Go see it if: There's nothing better screening.

And if you liked: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Sweet Home Alabama

Tuesday, February 2

Jacob's Ladder

Director: Adrian Lyne


Review: Nice and moody mystery thriller with really original and effective imagery.

Rent it if: You like a bit of a head movie.

And if you liked: Akira, Pink Floyd The Wall, Brazil, The Machinist, Angel Heart