Monday, September 28

In Bruges

Director: Martin McDonagh


Review: Very funny, superbly performed and beautifully crafted.

Rent it if: You can handle some graphic violence

And if you liked: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Saturday, September 26

Bad Lieutenant

Director: Abel Ferrara


Review: Well paced and nicely shot but feels a little aimless.

Rent it if: You're not easily offended.

And if you liked: Taxi Driver, There Will be Blood

Friday, September 25


Director: Joe Wright


Review: Stunning looking and expertly crafted.

Rent it if: You can deal with an unhappy ending.

And if you liked: Rashomon, The Fountain, Big Fish

Thursday, September 24

Weird Science

Director: John Hughes


Review: Bizarre and ridiculous fantasy but lots of fun nonetheless.

Rent it if: You're not concerned with a film making a lick of sense.

And if you liked: Sixteen Candles, Better Off Dead

Punch-Drunk Love

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson


Review: A gripping and arresting look into the nature of stress and rage.

Rent it if: You don't believe Adam Sandler can act well

And if you liked: One Hour Photo, Mulholland Drive, There Will Be Blood, the work of Stanley Kubrick & Wes Anderson

Wednesday, September 23

Sixteen Candles

Director: John Hughes


Review: A bit silly, idealistic and even a racist, but very fun and entertaining nonetheless.

Rent it if: You've been 16 I guess?

And if you liked: The Breakfast Club, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Superbad

Sunday, September 20

The Producers

Director: Mel Brooks


Review: Very funny and enjoyable if a bit strangely paced.

Rent it if: You want to see where it started

And if you liked: Young Frankenstein, The Ladykillers

Away We Go

Director: Sam Mendes


Review: A bit patchy and aimless but it's easy to lose yourself in and the first half is very funny.

Go see it if: You enjoy dry conversational humour.

And if you liked: Juno (only far dryer), Lars and the Real Girl

Tuesday, September 15

District 9

Director: Neill Blomkamp


Review: A refreshingly thought driven action film with fantastic characterization and special effects.

Go see it if: You have a strong stomach and can handle action with a brain.

And if you liked: The Fly, Robocop, the Resident Evil games, the Half-Life games

Check this out: Alive in Joburg

Sunday, September 13


Director: Pete Docter


Review: It is beautiful, heart-breaking and hilarious.

Go see it if: You're not distracted by squirrels

And if you liked: Monsters Inc, Star Wars, The Incredibles

Added cult bonus: Wilhelm Scream

Sunday, September 6


Director: Christian Duguay


Review: An enjoyable story, let down a little by unconvincing visual effects and some poor acting.

Rent it if: You can handle a few obvious lifts.

And if you liked: The Thing, Leviathan, the Terminator films

Check this out: Second Variety