Sunday, August 28

Final Destination 5

Director: Steven Quale


Review: Rubbish characterisations but good gory fun with a great ending nonetheless.

Go see it if: You like the Final Destination movies?

And if you liked: Final Destination, Final Destination 3, Scream

Saturday, August 27

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Director: Rupert Wyatt


Review: Exciting and involving with intense action and great performances.

Go see it if: You're not put off by the awkward title.

And if you liked: Planet of the Apes, Project Nim, Animatrix: The Second Renaissance

Tuesday, August 23

Days of Heaven

Director: Terrence Malick


Review: Strangely paced and a bit confused at times but still quite hypnotic and very beautiful in places.

Rent it if: You're ok with some unexplained aspects.

And if you liked: Never Let Me Go, The Tree of Life, There Will Be Blood

Friday, August 19

Cowboys & Aliens

Director: Jon Favreau


Review: A touch long but well constructed and lacking in any sort of parody streak that could so easily have ruined it.

Go see it if: You like some genre fun.

And if you liked: Iron man, Independence Day, Alien 3

Check this out: Cowboys & Aliens

Monday, August 15

Drive Angry

Director: Patrick Lussier


Review: Utter ridiculous rubbish but pretty funny and enjoyable all the same.

Rent it if: You like seeing William Fichtner being weird.

And if you liked: Death Proof, Legion, Shoot Em Up, Charlie's Angels

Sunday, August 14

Project Nim

Director: James Marsh


Review: A little oddly paced but otherwise is an interesting and touching film.

Go see it if: You're not too sensitive to hippies.

And if you liked: Senna, Grizzly Man

Monday, August 8

Super 8

Director: J.J. Abrams


Review: A bit too long and loaded with some utter contrivances but is very engaging and has plenty to enjoy.

Go see it if: You're tolerant of lens flares.

And if you liked: E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, The Goonies, Matinee

Wednesday, August 3

The Tree of Life

Director: Terrence Malick


Review: About 20 minutes too long but filled with fascinating visuals and interesting moments.

Go see it if: You've been to the bathroom.

And if you liked: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blue Velvet, Stand By Me, Radio Flyer