Sunday, August 12

The Kentucky Fried Movie

Director: John Landis

Review: Very funny in places and very bizarre in others with one sketch that lingers a big longer than expected.

Watch it if: You can handle a large amount of nudity for a comedy.

And if you liked: Airplane!, The Naked Gun, And Now For Something Completely Different

Tuesday, August 7

Mean Streets

Director: Martin Scorsese

Review: Meanders and could've been trimmed down but its intentions are clear and you can see the talent involved.

Watch it if: You somehow haven't seen it like me.

And if you liked: Bad Lieutenant, Taxi Driver, À Bout De Souffle, The Wire

Monday, August 6


Director: Seth McFarlane

Review: Funny and entertaining with strong leads but has a few moments that are unjustifiable.

Watch it if: You can bypass some problematic humour.

And if you liked: Family Guy, Happy Gilmore, Team America: World Police

Sunday, August 5


Director: Mark Andrews & Brenda Chapman

Review: Strong enough story with a good cast and point perfect animation.

Watch it if: You want a decent fun entertaining romp.

And if you liked: How to Train Your Dragon, The Secret of Kells, The Harry Potter films

Saturday, August 4


Director: James Gunn

Review: A genuinely entertaining watch but very heavy and very problematic in places.

Watch it if: You can handle some really uncomfortably and violent scenes.

And if you liked: Kick-Ass, God Bless America

She's Out of My League

Director: Jim Field Smith

Review: Nothing earthshaking but charming and light enough to make it a fun and easy watch.

Watch it if: You just want a simple breezy 105 minutes.

And if you liked: There's Something About Mary, Garden State