Sunday, September 30


Director: Rian Johnson

Review: A fun and complex story executed through beautiful visuals and visceral action.

Watch it if: You enjoy a good, strong sci-fi movie.

And if you liked: The Terminator, Blade Runner, The Matrix

Saturday, September 15


Director: Chris Butler & Sam Fell

Review: Beautifully designed with a fun atmosphere and lots of great horror nods.

Watch it if: You can handle a kids film that's ok with being scary.

And if you liked: Monster House, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tuesday, September 11


Director: Errol Morris

Review: A bizarre story that continues to surprise with a compelling central subject.

Watch it if: You can accept a documentary with some amiguous truth.

And if you liked: Project Nim, Man on Wire, Grizzly Man

Saturday, September 8

Berberian Sound Studio

Director: Peter Strickland

Review: A very strange and head twisting film with very satisfying equipment visuals and sound texture.

Watch it if: You can hand a film with something of a non-linear narrative.

And if you liked: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Inland Empire, The Conversation, Pi

Friday, September 7


Director: Pete Travis
Review: Ridiculously entertaining with very inventive action and the right amount of real weirdness.

Watch it if: You can handle some very graphic violence.

And if you liked: Blade Runner, Robocop, The Matrix

Check this out: Judge Dredd

Sunday, September 2

Total Recall (2012)

Director: Len Wiseman

Review: Really great design and production value but the story, characters and action never really grab in any significant way.

Watch it if: You have an interest in science fiction design.

And if you liked: Minority Report, Blade Runner, Serenity

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