Sunday, December 28

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Director: Alex Gibney


Review: A fascinating biography that never quite delves as deep as it could, but is still interesting to see all the information in one place finally.

Go see it if: You're interested to see someone who had a unique way of thinking.

And if you liked: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Where the Buffalo Roam, End of the Century

Saturday, December 13


Director: Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza


Review: Truly frightening horror that grips all the way through.

Rent it if: You handle single shaky camera movies.

And if you liked: The Blair Witch Project, 28 Days Later, Cloverfield, Right at Your Door, Quarantine

Monday, December 1

Glengarry Glen Ross

Director: James Foley


Review: Superb ensemble cast that you can't help but be gripped by.

Rent it if: You like some good acting.

And if you liked: Bah, I'm not sure. I've been firing blanks with this section for a while.

Sunday, November 30

Zack & Miri Make A Porno

Director: Kevin Smith


Review: Very funny if somewhat vile movie that gets a bit corny towards the end but manages to send it home.

Go see it if: You're not offended by anything at all. Seriously.

And if you liked: Superbad, Kevin Smith's previous films...

Saturday, November 29


Director: Clark Gregg


Review: Plenty of good stuff, especially from the actors, but the film's too messy and fractured to get a proper sense of the characters.

Go see it if: You want a few laughs and some ideas, I think this film is probably better suited for television though, there I said it.

And if you liked: Fight Club, Em...

Check this out: Choke

Vanishing Point

Director: Richard C. Sarafian


Review: Really surreal and enjoyable rebel adventure.

Rent it if: You can handle a film that has little plot but is still fun.

And if you liked: Faster, Pussycat!! Kill! Kill!, Death Proof

Thursday, November 20


Director: John Waters


Review: An enjoyable bit of crossover weirdness with a good message at its core.

Rent it if: You can handle most life events being book ended with dancing.

And if you liked: Hairspray (2007), Little Shop of Horrors

Sunday, November 16

Quantum of Solace

Director: Marc Forster


Review: A fairly enjoyable string of action sequences that drags towards the end.

Go see it if: You're not too tired, there's a lot of action.

And if you liked: Casino Royale, I've been told the Bourne series but I must admit I haven't seen them.

Sunday, October 19

Burn After Reading

Director: Ethan & Joel Coen


Review: A very complex array of stories that are somehow very easy to follow and are also very satisfying and funny.

Go see it if: You can handle a bit of dark humour in terms of violence.

And if you liked: Fargo, The Big Lebowski

Saturday, October 18

Pink Flamingos

Director: John Waters


Review: An extremely shocking, vile, fiercely original and bizarrely funny film that pisses all over contemporary gross-out movies...literally.

Rent it if: You have a strong stomach.

And if you liked: Freddy Got Fingered, any other gross-out movies

Sunday, October 12

Eyes Wide Shut

Director: Stanley Kubrick


Review: An interesting and strange journey that, despite its length, really pulls you in all the way.

Rent it if: You can tolerate Tom Cruise's face for 2 and a half hours but seriously, Kubrick's great.

And if you liked: Kubrick... I mean, like, to put anything else here would imply that his films were like any others. They ain't.

Tuesday, October 7

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Director: Robert B. Weide


Review: Enjoyable but not all that memorable piece of fun that's certainly worth a look.

Go see it if: You want a laugh and can handle a film with more than one tranny joke.

And if you liked: Simon Pegg's hilarious face

Check this out: How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Saturday, September 27

Pineapple Express

Director: David Gordon Green


Review: Wonderfully silly and violent stoner adventure that is sure to cause a few giggles.

Go see it if: You're ready to forgive James Franco for Spider-Man 3.

And if you liked: The Big Lebowski, Idle Hands, the Grand Theft Auto games

Thursday, September 18

Tropic Thunder

Director: Ben Stiller


Review: Very funny but hard to shake the feeling that Ben Stiller might have just wanted to make an action movie but was worried of being ridiculed.

Go see it if: You can figure out that they're not making fun of black people the mentally disabled but rather the actors and filmmakers who exploit these groups for success.

And if you liked: Iron Man, Predator, Rambo

Added cult bonus: Wilhelm Scream


Director: Werner Herzog


Review: An engaging (if a bit long) character study.

Rent it if: You can handle a film being very long if it means you get an excellent atmosphere.

And if you liked: Apocalypto, Aguirre: The Wrath of God

Added cult bonus: Klaus Kinski

Monday, September 15


Director: Werner Herzog


Review: A very saddening look into one man's forced exhaustion.

Rent it if: You want a short sharp shunt of perfect character portrayal.

And if you liked: Not quite sure to be honest.

Added cult bonus: Klaus Kinski

Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht

Director: Werner Herzog


Review: Genuinely chilling and visually stunning.

Rent it if: You have the head for German art cinema, and if you don't I suggest you get one.

And if you liked: Nosferatu, Elephant, Last Days

Added cult bonus: Klaus Kinski

Michael Clayton

Director: Tony Gilroy


Review: Wonderfully convoluted and brilliantly gripping.

Rent it if: You know how much George Clooney kicks ass.

And if you liked: Chinatown

Monday, September 8

The Science of Sleep

Director: Michel Gondry


Review: Really floaty and visually beautiful tale of love and loss that captures certain feelings perfectly.

Rent it if: You can handle a film being in two languages.

And if you liked: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Inland Empire

Monday, September 1

The Wicker Man

Director: Robin Hardy


Review: Amazing atmosphere and creepy tension as Sgt.Howie delves deeper into the non-Christian world that he fears.

Rent it if: You want to see something fiercely original and one of Christopher Lee's most famous characters.

And if you liked: The Omen, Don't Look Now

Sunday, August 31

Rescue Dawn

Director: Werner Herzog


Review: A gripping and beautifully shot film that will stay in your mind long after watching.

Rent it if: You want to see some intense acting particularly from Christian Bale, Steve Zahn and Jeremy Davies.

And if you liked: Apocalypse Now, Aguirre: Wrath of God

Thursday, August 28

Somers Town

Director: Shane Meadows


Review: A sweet and realistic tale of friendship among outsiders within the backdrop of London.

Go see it if: You want something intelligent that doesn't test you.

And if you liked: I'm not sure I can think of anything it reminded me of right now.

Sunday, August 24

The Graduate

Director: Mike Nichols


Review: A really interesting story of a young man's awakening with great music and beautiful photography.

Rent it if: You want to be just wrapped up in a film.

And if you liked: Harold & Maude, Wayne's World 2

Friday, August 22

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Director: Guillermo Del Toro


Review: Super comic book fun action with some great characters and dazzling special effects.

Go see it if: You want some entertainment but you're not in the mood for something too deep.

And if you liked: Hellboy, Men In Black, Blade II

Sunday, August 17

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Director: Dave Filoni


Review: Clumsy dialogue and animation guide the once beautiful Star Wars universe further towards destruction.

Go see it if: You must.

And if you liked: I guess the other Star Wars movies, but fans won't like it. Non-fans won't get it though... so... no?

Added cult bonus: Wilhelm Scream

Tuesday, August 12

I, Robot

Director: Alex Proyas


Review: Some decent action sequences and somewhat interesting plot let down by unconvincing special effects and intrusive Will Smith quips.

Rent it if: You can handle some unnecessary Matrix lifts and you like robot mythology.

And if you liked: The Matrix, Bladerunner (concepts rather than atmosphere)

Added cult bonus: Wilhelm Scream

Wednesday, July 23

The Dark Knight

Director: Christopher Nolan


Review: A film so intense and rich with character, action and stunning moments it cannot be described in one sentence.

Go see it if: You want to be blown away by some fantastic characters particularly those played by Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman and the late Heath Ledger.

And if you liked: Batman Begins, Fight Club

Monday, July 21


Director: Andrew Stanton


Review: A wonderfully sweet and bouncy movie jam packed with references to Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey and probably lots of other classic sci-fi.

Go see it if: You want the pants charmed right off you.

And if you liked: The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Idiocracy

Added cult bonus: The always wonderful Fred Willard

Tuesday, July 8

The Mist

Director: Frank Darabont


Review: It will grab you and keep you tense and scared all the way through.

Go see it if: You like being scared by a film and aren't prone to any sort of depression or suicidal tendencies.

And if you liked: Dawn of the Dead, the good parts of Silent Hill, The Thing (for the plot and themes rather than the special effects unfortunately)

Added cult bonus: Wilhelm Scream


Director: Peter Berg


Review: Sets up very well but spirals in mediocrity at around the halfway point.

Go see it if: You can ignore a disappointing plot and enjoy looking at Will Smith or Charlize Theron.

And if you liked: Men In Black 2, Superman Returns

Monday, July 7


Director: Timur Bekmambetov


Review: Completely stupid but absolutely fun nonetheless.

Go see it if: You can accept a film not taking itself seriously and enjoy fun action.

And if you liked: Crank, Shoot Em' Up, The Matrix's action sequences