Saturday, June 28

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Director: Dean DeBlois


Review: A little uneven but ties up well with plenty of strong action and compelling characters.

Watch it if: You liked the first one? I guess?

And if you liked: How to Train Your Dragon, Brave

Saturday, June 21

3 Days to Kill

Director: McG


Review: Supremely misjudged with constant xenophobia, cringe inducing dialogue and confusingly bad continuity.

Watch it if: You're not put off by straight torture played for laughs.

And if you liked: Taken 2, The Counsellor

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Sunday, June 15


Director: Mike Flanagan


Review: Very ambitious and has some good stuff going for it but bogged down by some un-needed cliches and an unsatisfying ending.

Watch it if: You're interested in seeing a film try some stuff.

And if you liked: 1408, Sinister

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Saturday, June 14

22 Jump Street

Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller


Review: Loose and playful in the right way with a solid humour and compelling action.

Watch it if: You enjoy a certain amount of meta humour.

And if you liked: 21 Jump Street, Wayne's World 2, Pineapple Express

Monday, June 2

Edge of Tomorrow

Director: Doug Liman


Review: Fairly baggy in places but entertains with decent ideas and some unexpected humour.

Watch it if: You see the value in the occasional Tom Cruise action role.

And if you liked: Oblivion, Aliens, Groundhog Day

Check this out: All You Need Is Kill

Sunday, June 1

You've Been Trumped

Director: Anthony Baxter


Review: A little cloying in places but otherwise a shocking and infuriating indictment of a clear act of bullying.

Watch it if: You're ok with seething in your chair while you watch a film.

And if you liked: Bowling for Columbine, Wall Street