Thursday, April 23


Director: Byron Howard & Chris Williams


Review: A very funny and enjoyable film that doesn't stick with you, but will still entertain.

Go see it if: You want some fun entertainment without a challenge.

And if you liked: The Incredibles, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Shrek


Director: David Cronenberg


Review: A very bizarre and disturbing film that peters out towards the end but still features some very original ideas and sequences.

Rent it if: You have a strong stomach.

And if you liked: eXistenZ, Eastern Promises, Irreversible

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Monday, April 20

Shallow Grave

Director: Danny Boyle


Review: A brilliantly written and tense thriller that keeps you constantly guessing.

Rent it if: You can handle some violence and haunting atmosphere.

And if you liked: Dead Man's Shoes, Trainspotting, Night of the Living Dead

Thursday, April 16


Director: Sidney Lumet


Review: Fascinating look into the cynicism of television with some excellent performances.

Rent it if: You're curious about how TV networks REALLY work.

And if you liked: The Conversation, Videodrome

Saturday, April 11

The Wicker Man (2006)

Director: Neil LaBute


Review: Utterly hilarious and genuinely stupid.

Rent it if: You want to see Nicolas Cage punch some women.

And if you liked: Face/Off

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