Sunday, August 31

Rescue Dawn

Director: Werner Herzog


Review: A gripping and beautifully shot film that will stay in your mind long after watching.

Rent it if: You want to see some intense acting particularly from Christian Bale, Steve Zahn and Jeremy Davies.

And if you liked: Apocalypse Now, Aguirre: Wrath of God

Thursday, August 28

Somers Town

Director: Shane Meadows


Review: A sweet and realistic tale of friendship among outsiders within the backdrop of London.

Go see it if: You want something intelligent that doesn't test you.

And if you liked: I'm not sure I can think of anything it reminded me of right now.

Sunday, August 24

The Graduate

Director: Mike Nichols


Review: A really interesting story of a young man's awakening with great music and beautiful photography.

Rent it if: You want to be just wrapped up in a film.

And if you liked: Harold & Maude, Wayne's World 2

Friday, August 22

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Director: Guillermo Del Toro


Review: Super comic book fun action with some great characters and dazzling special effects.

Go see it if: You want some entertainment but you're not in the mood for something too deep.

And if you liked: Hellboy, Men In Black, Blade II

Sunday, August 17

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Director: Dave Filoni


Review: Clumsy dialogue and animation guide the once beautiful Star Wars universe further towards destruction.

Go see it if: You must.

And if you liked: I guess the other Star Wars movies, but fans won't like it. Non-fans won't get it though... so... no?

Added cult bonus: Wilhelm Scream

Tuesday, August 12

I, Robot

Director: Alex Proyas


Review: Some decent action sequences and somewhat interesting plot let down by unconvincing special effects and intrusive Will Smith quips.

Rent it if: You can handle some unnecessary Matrix lifts and you like robot mythology.

And if you liked: The Matrix, Bladerunner (concepts rather than atmosphere)

Added cult bonus: Wilhelm Scream