Saturday, June 20

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Director: Michael Bay


Review: A ridiculously long mess that just gets more and more stupid with every single unwelcome second.

Go see it if: You can handle hearing Green Day's new single like, five separate times. We get it, you want us to buy it.

And if you liked: Transformers, The Matrix, Armageddon, The Matrix Revolutions

Saturday, June 13

The Hangover

Director: Todd Phillips


Review: Very funny and original film that doesn't quite break the mould but certainly cracks it.

Go see it if: You want some fun and laughs and can handle some nudity.

And if you liked: Old School, Go, Superbad

Added cult bonus: Zach Galifianakis


Director: George P. Cosmatos


Review: Good enough action horror with a dodgy ending but it's hard to shake the feeling that it's just Alien underwater.

Rent it if: You want an enjoyable 90 minutes of claustrophobic monster horror.

And if you liked: Alien, The Thing, Event Horizon

Wednesday, June 10

Terminator Salvation

Director: McG


Review: Enjoyable action film with superb special effects but littered with some really stupid moments.

Go see it if: You can handle that the meatheads in the audience are being considered a bit too much.

And if you liked: The Terminator films obviously, Aliens, some of the visuals of Children of Men

Monday, June 8

Drag Me to Hell

Director: Sam Raimi


Review: An absolute rollercoaster of hilarity and jumps.

Go see it if: You don't expect to actually be scared, but can enjoy that.

And if you liked: Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Braindead