Wednesday, January 28


Director: Gus Van Sant


Review: An interesting and touching if a bit biased look into a man's passions.

Go see it if: You're not so homophobic you can't handle two men kissing on screen.

And if you liked: I really don't know

Sunday, January 25

The Wrestler

Director: Darren Aronofsky


Review: Truly fascinating character study that keeps your constant interest all the way through.

Go see it if: You can handle some terrible 80s rock as it makes sense for the character.

And if you liked: Rosetta, There Will Be Blood

Monday, January 19

The Brothers Grimm

Director: Terry Gilliam


Review: Fun and enjoyable fantasy adventure that meanders a bit and let's down on the special effects a little.

Rent it if: You want a bit of Gilliam's particular brand of fairy tale magic.

And if you liked: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jabberwocky, The Tenth Kingdom

Friday, January 16

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

Director: Chris Waitt


Review: Interesting and enjoyable if a bit hard to believe.

Rent it if: You're not too squeamish and you can take a documentary with a grain of salt.

And if you liked: High Fidelity

Tuesday, January 13


Director: Terry Gilliam


Review: A disturbing, distressing and brilliant depiction of a child dealing with loss.

Rent it if: You can handle some serious taboos being dealt with.

And if you liked: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Pan's Labyrinth, What Is It?

Check this out: Tideland

Saturday, January 10

The Spirit

Director: Frank Miller


Review: Ridiculous crap.

Go see it if: You have absolutely nothing better to do.

And if you liked: Some very bad films.

Check this out: The Spirit

Friday, January 2

Where the Buffalo Roam

Director: Art Linson


Review: Fairly enjoyable if messy look at Hunter S. Thompson's approach to things.

Rent it if: You're interested in Hunter S. Thompson.

And if you liked: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Gonzo