Saturday, April 27

Iron Man 3

Director: Shane Black

Review: A strong and original character based movie with genuine humour and inventive action.

Watch it if: You're interested in these comic book action movies.

And if you liked: Iron Man, The Avengers, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Wednesday, April 24

The Other Guys

Director: Adam McKay

Review: A few individual funny moments but mostly bogged down by an unsteady pace and a disjointed narrative.

Watch it if: You've already watched all the decent Will Ferrell films.

And if you liked: 21 Jump Street, Step Brothers

Friday, April 19

Evil Dead (2013)

Director: Fede Alvarez

Review: Difficult to engage with for a while but really comes back with a hugely violent and original climactic third act.

Watch it if: You can handle large amounts of gore and violence.

And if you liked: The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Drag Me to Hell, The Exorcist

Sunday, April 14

Spring Breakers

Director: Harmony Korine

Review: Fairly aimless and meandering but holds up as a pretty bizarre and gorgeous looking exercise in dissonance.

Watch it if: You can handle a lot of nudity and some uncomfortable violence.

And if you liked: Drive, Lost Highway, Saints Row: The Third


Director: Richard Linklater

Review: Drags a little in places but mostly holds up as an interesting idea that manages to engage and experiment.

Watch it if: You're happy enough watching a film without a central plot running through it.

And if you liked: Waking Life, My Dinner with Andre, Dazed & Confused

Saturday, April 13


Director: Joseph Kosinski
Review: Drags a little bit in a few places but otherwise holds up as solid science-fiction with gorgeous and excellently executed production and sound design.
Watch it if: You're interested in serious science-fiction driven by ideas.
And if you liked: Moon, Silent Running, Prometheus