Sunday, June 26

Struggle Through Death

Director: Hsin Yi Chang


Review: Repetitively and hilariously awful.

Rent it if: You enjoy hearing the same punching sound effect a few thousand times.

And if you liked: Taffin, Death Proof

Saturday, June 18

Green Lantern

Director: Martin Campbell


Review: Entertaining, interesting with nice visual effects and a brilliantly weird performance from Peter Sarsgaard.

Go see it if: You like when a film has the courage to just go for it.

And if you liked: Superman, Iron Man

Sunday, June 12

Dirty Harry

Director: Don Siegel


Review: A little bit daft here and there but absolutely entertaining and good.

Rent it if: You, like me, somehow haven't seen it.

And if you liked: Chinatown, Zodiac, Bad Lieutenant

Tuesday, June 7

X-Men: First Class

Director: Matthew Vaughn


Review: Duff story and far too long but looks fairly nice and has some watchable action sequences.

Go see it if: You're in a big X-Men mood.

And if you liked: Star Trek, X-Men, Spider-Man 2

Monday, June 6


Director: Asif Kapadia


Review: Loses some structure towards the end but remains gripping and fascinating throughout.

Go see it if: You're interested in Formula One racing... or not actually. I enjoyed it and I've never watched a race.

And if you liked: The King of Kong