Friday, December 18


Director: James Cameron


Review: Very long and full of clich├ęs but the action & emotion absolutely sell and the technical visuals are stunning.

Go see it if: You've gone to the toilet and don't have sore eyes.

And if you liked: Aliens, Jurassic Park, Dances With Wolves

Wednesday, December 16

Where the Wild Things Are

Director: Spike Jonze


Review: Very textural and with a fascinating atmosphere and flow.

Go see it if: You want something that really creeps into you... in a good way!

And if you liked: Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State (kinda)

Check this out: Where the Wild Things Are

Friday, December 4

The Box

Director: Richard Kelly


Review: A pure definition of 'missing the point' buried in a sea of stupid plotlines and self indulgent imagery.

Go see it if: You're stupid like me. Don't go see it.

And if you liked: The Forgotten, Southland Tales

Check this out: Button, Button

Thursday, December 3

Paranormal Activity

Director: Oren Peli


Review: The very end is a little bit silly but the rest of the film really sells the shocks and the extreme tension very well.

Go see it if: You don't think you have to see something to be scared of it.

And if you liked: The Blair Witch Project, The Exorcist

Tuesday, December 1

Paths of Glory

Director: Stanley Kubrick


Review: A beautifully presented study on the selfishness and stupitidy of war.

Rent it if: You're some asshole who hasn't seen all of Kubrick's films like me.

And if you liked: Full Metal Jacket, Children of Men, Dr.Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Check this out: Paths of Glory