Saturday, November 17

The Master

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Review: A visually beautiful and visceral film that leaves you with a lot of interesting stuff to chew on.

Watch it if: You're ok with a film not having a specifically laid out plot so to speak.

And if you liked: There Will Be Blood, A Serious Man

Sunday, November 11


Director: Ben Affleck

Review: A very well put together film with impressive period detail and believable performances that manages to hold interest despite a little bit of false-feeling tension towards the end.

Watch it if: You want to see Ben Affleck doing things right.

And if you liked: Zodiac, Moneyball, Good Night, and Good Luck.

Sunday, November 4

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Director: Benh Zeitlin

Review: Meanders a bit towards the end but otherwise stands well as a visually interesting and strongly put together film.

Watch it if: You're ok with a less clear plot through line.

And if you liked: Tideland, Radio Flyer, Winter's Bone

Check this out: Juicy and Delicious

Saturday, November 3


Director: Sam Mendes

Review: Definitely too long and a little dull in the middle but otherwise a beautiful looking and exciting romp.

Watch it if: You enjoy Bond movies?

And if you liked: Casino Royale, Straw Dogs,