Thursday, August 20

Inglourious Basterds

Director: Quentin Tarantino


Review: Really great fun film that revels in its own silliness and camp.

Go see it if: You've eaten, gone to the toilet and can deal with subtitles.

And if you liked: Death Proof, Pulp Fiction

Added Cult Bonus: Wilhelm Scream

Monday, August 10


Director: Larry Charles


Review: A hilarious, interesting if occasionally patronising (to the interviewees) film.

Rent it if: You're not sensitive about your faith... actually no, if you are sensitive about your faith!

And if you liked: Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect, BrĂ¼no

Sunday, August 9

Gimme Shelter

Director: The Maysles Brothers


Review: Really interesting piece of history that truly seems to capture the atmosphere of the time and place.

Rent it if: You want an insight into Altamont, and can handle a bit of nudity

And if you liked: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Saturday, August 8

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Director: Stephen Sommers


Review: Gets very muddled in the second half but is surprisingly good fun nonetheless.

Go see it if: You can deal with some violence. It's very violent for a kid's film.

And if you liked: Team America: World Police, Wanted

Added cult bonus: Jonathan Pryce

Thursday, August 6

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Director: David Yates


Review: Nicely shot and enjoyable to watch but is far too long and doesn't really make sense to anyone who hasn't read the book.

Go see it if: You've read the book.

And if you liked: The other Harry Potter films?

Saturday, August 1


Director: Chris Fisher


Review: When approached with an open mind, ignoring it's sequel status, it's still an inane and moronically bad film.

Rent it if: You hate your money

And if you liked: Kicks in the face