Monday, May 20

Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon

Director: Stephen C. Mitchell

Review: Pretty honest and immersive film with some very strange characters that meanders a fair amount in the middle.

Watch it if: You enjoy a good music documentary.

And if you liked: End of the Century, Meeting People is Easy, The Last Exorcism

Monday, May 13

Star Trek Into Darkness

Director: J.J. Abrams

Review: A few improbabilities here and there but otherwise holds up as a strong action movie with clever uses and subversions of expectations.

Watch it if: You like... Star... Trek?

And if you liked: Star Trek, The Empire Strikes Back

Sunday, May 12

Sound City

Director: Dave Grohl

Review: Loses its way a little towards the end but otherwise presents a good story that's full of interesting material.

Watch it if: You have any kind of interest in music production.

And if you liked: Side by Side, End of the Century

Taken 2

Director: Olivier Megaton

Review: Even after removing the difficult subject matter it's not nearly as fun or straight forward as the first film.

Watch it if: You can't resist a sequel.

And if you liked: Mission: Impossible, Pusher (2012)


Director: Pierre Morel

Review: Has a little mood whiplash when it focuses on the villains' enterprise but otherwise holds up as a refreshingly straight forward and stripped down piece of action.

Watch it if: You can handle Liam Neeson's confusing American accent.

And if you liked: The Raid, Ronin

Pitch Perfect

Director: Jason Moore

Review: Has a few small pacing issues but otherwise holds up as a fun movie that pulls you in and makes you care about its world.

Watch it if: You're not put off by a certain TV show's take on the subject matter.

And if you liked: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Best in Show, Mean Girls, Easy A

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The Sessions

Director: Ben Lewin

Review: A beautiful portrayal of an unusual subject with heaps of wit and honesty.

Watch it if: You're comfortable with a fair amount of nudity and sexuality.

And if you liked: The Singing Detective

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Silver Linings Playbook

Director: David O. Russell

Review: Some strange camerawork choices but otherwise disarming with its humour and moving in a very genuine and honest way.

Watch it if: You can get past the sickening trailer. It doesn't represent the film well.

And if you liked: The Fighter, Side Effects, As Good as It Gets

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