Friday, June 29


Director: James Whale

Review: Beautiful to look at with a strong atmosphere and a tragic performance at the centre.

Watch it if: You somehow haven't seen it like me.

And if you liked: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, The Elephant Man

Sunday, June 24


Director: David Schwimmer

Review: Very tense and stressful particularly in the earlier scenes but very well made and compelling throughout.

Watch it if: You can handle some tough situations.

And if you liked: Hard Candy, Shame, An Education

Sunday, June 17


Director: David Cronenberg

Review: A lot of very interesting stuff going on but is quite trying and difficult to get through.

Watch it if: You can handle a very wordy film.

And if you liked: Southland Tales, Naked Lunch

Check this out: Cosmopolis

Tuesday, June 5

Coming to America

Director: John Landis


Review: Not all that funny but still a pretty enjoyable watch if a bit long.

Watch it if: You somehow haven't seen it like I hadn't.

And if you liked: Trading Places, The Nutty Professor (1996)

Monday, June 4

Iron Sky

Director: Timo Vuorensola
Review: Very silly but good fun with a great villian performance and surprisingly decent special effects.
Watch it if: You don't mind a film being a bit rough around the edges.
And if you liked: Men in Black, Bad Taste, Plan 9 From Outer Space

Friday, June 1


Director: Ridley Scott

Review: Good solid science fiction with an engaging set of characters and absolutely brilliant design.

Watch it if: Blade Runner and Alien are your favourite Ridley Scott films... or like, whatever. Just watch it.

And if you liked: Alien, Sunshine, Moon