Saturday, May 28

X-Men: Apocalypse

Director: Bryan Singer


Review: Slow and dull with no weight behind its attempted emotional arc and not a single earned moment.

Watch it if: You really feel the need to.

And if you liked: Stargate, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fantastic Four (2015)

Green Room

Director: Jeremy Saulnier


Review: Uses your movie expectations to sideswipe you while delivering strong tension throughout and some deeply impressive performances.

Watch it if: You can handle some rough violence.

And if you liked: Blue Ruin, The Last House on the Left, Misery

Tuesday, May 24


Director: Rick Alverson


Review: Strange and unsettling with beautiful photography and a tone that manages to pull you in while still keeping you at arms length.

Watch it if: You're ok with a more ponderous film.

And if you liked: The Comedy, Gerry, Inland Empire

Friday, May 20

Captain America: Civil War

Director: Anthony and Joe Russo


Review: Drags a little and could hit higher but dazzles with inventive action and strong character work.

Watch it if: You enjoy good superhero fare.

And if you liked: Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers, The Empire Strikes Back

My Cousin Vinny

Director: Jonathan Lynn


Review: Tightly structured and well balanced with fun characters and plenty of intrigue.

Watch it if: You enjoy a comedy being well structured as well as funny.

And if you liked: Legally Blonde, Analyze This

Monday, May 2


Director: Peter Atencio


Review: Carries some inconsistency of characters and odd floating remnants of deleted threads but is undeniably laugh-out-loud funny throughout.

Watch it if: You like Key and Peele and/or cute kittens.

And if you liked: Key and Peele, 21 Jump Street, Deadpool