Friday, January 15

The Road

Director: John Hillcoat


Review: Bleak and stark but very intimate and visually amazing.

Go see it if: You're not depressed in any way.

And if you liked: Fallout 3, Dawn of the Dead, The Mist, Children of Men

Check this out: The Road

Added cult bonus: Michael K. Williams


Ben Schmanke said...

Here's mine: "Two little girls who are PMS'ing their emotions all over the place... slowly."

D said...

Yeah, none of that on here thanks

ChrisNoise said...

The fallout 3 reference is pretty accurate. I was playing the game round the same time as the film came out. There's that same desperate sense of 'I am alone in this world and no one is coming to help me'.

D said...

Apparently the makers of Fallout 3 have cited the original novel of The Road as a huge influence on the game. Pretty clear I think.